Whole Foods #1 Food Trend for 2022 is Ultraurban Farming

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Some food trends seem to come out of nowhere, but if you know how we do things here at Gotham Greens, you might’ve been able to see this big one coming.

Each year, Whole Foods taps over 50 global buyers and culinary experts to predict the upcoming year’s top food trends, and newly released 2022 list did not disappoint. At the very top of the list, we’re thrilled to see Ultraurban Farming as the number one trend! 

Whole Foods writes: “In 2013, we opened a pioneering Whole Foods Market store in Brooklyn with a Gotham Greens greenhouse on top, providing fresh and sustainably grown herbs and salad greens in greenhouse systems using sunlight and 100% renewable electricity.

“Since then, innovation in indoor farming has ballooned, from hydroponics and aquaponics to mushrooms grown above our grocery aisles — and even fresh produce grown by robots. Producers are finding new, boundary-pushing ways to grow hyper-local crops and maximize efficiency.” 

As a proud partner of Whole Foods for the past 10 years, we’re so excited to see this at the top the list. Gotham Greens grows salad greens and herbs using recirculating hydroponics, the most water-efficient form of agriculture in the world, in urban-adjacent sites across the country. We started out on rooftops in NYC and will soon open our newest greenhouse in Northern California.

With each new greenhouse we open, our technology gets more and more advanced — and we’re excited to see what the future of urban farming holds, in 2022 and beyond.

You can learn more about our growing practices here. Shop Gotham Greens at Whole Foods here.

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