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Gotham Greens is built upon the collective values, talents and energy of our diverse people. Our teams are passionate about producing the finest quality, freshest, best tasting, and most nutritious greens—from seed to harvest. We currently employ over 700 full-time team members across our Brooklyn headquarters and regional greenhouses and are growing everyday.

Culture & Values

Photo of a large greenhouse with lettuce


We are farmers that live in apartments. We see green fields where others see gray. We fuel blooming communities where others fear urban decay. And we grow the freshest produce on earth. Most of all we know that the crunch of fresh, local, sustainably-grown food sets off a chain reaction of good things in the world. We are Gotham Greens and we grow the most extraordinarily fresh food in extraordinarily fresh places.

Photo of a large greenhouse with lettuce


Sustainability isn’t just about being smarter. It means changing the way we think. Working indoors means we can grow more produce (per square foot per year) than is possible with conventional farming. Plus, a unique hydroponic greenhouse technology means using less land, less water and less energy, while producing less pollution and less waste.


Our latest greenhouses are advanced, data-driven, climate-controlled facilities — the most efficient production systems available today. These greenhouses are some of the highest-yielding farms around and use less energy, less land and less water than other farming techniques. Plus, advancements in machine learning and data analysis allow us to monitor our crop’s health and progress, so we can deliver a fresher, more delicious product. Happy greens make happy people.


We’re committed to creating jobs for local residents from our communities. In addition to healthy and enjoyable year-round work, we’re also dedicated to urban renewal and becoming permanent fixtures in our home cities. By partnering with local schools, community leaders and non-profits, Gotham Greens helps to put better food on the table through environmental, educational and community initiatives.

These programs are rooted in the communities surrounding Gotham Greens' facilities, but the impact extends beyond the borders of its neighborhoods.


While there are many ways to farm responsibly and sustainably, our approach is designed to bring the farm closer to you.

Building greenhouses next to large urban populations and distributing regionally allows us to reduce transportation time, fuel consumption and associated emissions. Our greens get where they’re going faster, stay fresh longer (like, a lot longer), retain more of their nutrients and reduce food waste.


Our produce isn’t the best because of how we grow, it’s the best because of who grows it. Our greenhouses are built upon the collective values, talents and energy of our diverse team. While our technology has redefined urban agriculture, our dedicated farmers are the real secret to producing and delivering delicious fresh food, from seed to store.

General Inquiries

Interested in working with us but don’t see the right opportunity? We are always seeking bright, passionate people to join our team.