We Grow
Fresh Produce

In Unexpected Places

By reimagining urban landscapes, we are creating new ways to farm, produce local food, revitalize communities and innovate for a sustainable future.

We grow tasty greens, 365 days a year.

Closer Farms, Fresher Food

Farmed Thoughtfully.

95% less water than field agriculture

Recirculating hydroponics is the most water-efficient form of agriculture in the world. Gotham Greens’ advanced irrigation system uses 10 times less water
than conventional agriculture while eliminating all agricultural runoff.

Less energy, food miles, and waste

Gotham Greens’ proximity to its customers eliminates the need for long-distance, refrigerated transportation, while improving quality. We sharply reduce transportation fuel consumption and the associated carbon emissions and air pollution. Less time in transit means fewer wilting leaves and food waste.

We’re not far.

Our greens live in the same time zone as you. We have a network of greenhouses across the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, New England, Mountain West and beyond, allowing us to reduce the time it takes to get from our farm to your fridge.

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