What does Gotham Greens grow and sell?

Gotham Greens grows and sells a wide variety of leafy greens and herbs, salad dressings and pesto. Please visit Our Greens page to learn more.

How does Gotham Greens grow and harvest its produce?

We grow our produce year-round in high-tech, hydroponic greenhouses. Simply put, hydroponics is a method for growing plants without soil. Gotham Greens’ greenhouses use a method known as nutrient film technique by which crops grow in trays and plants receive a constant stream of irrigation water enriched with a mineral nutrient solution, which the plants soak up through their root systems.

We conduct our entire operation under one roof, planting new crops, hand harvesting and hand packing daily. Growing in a greenhouse gives our expert farmers complete control of the growing environment, allowing Gotham Greens to create ideal conditions for our plants to thrive. Through our automated systems, we can ensure that temperature, humidity and light levels, as well as air composition, are exactly the right balance.

Where are Gotham Greens’ farms located?

Gotham Greens operates ecologically sustainable greenhouses across five U.S. states in New York City, Chicago, Providence and Baltimore. The company plans to open a new greenhouse in the Denver area in early 2020. Please visit Our Farms page to learn more.

Does Gotham Greens grow produce year-round?

Yes. It’s always sunny in a greenhouse. Since our farmers can control the environment inside our greenhouses, we’re able to grow year-round, no matter the weather.

How big are your farms?

Gotham Greens’ greenhouse farms range from 15,000 square feet to 100,000 square feet. In total acreage, we currently farm approximately 11 acres of greenhouse, which produces the crop yields equivalent to more than 400 acres of traditional open field agriculture! Please visit Our Farms page to learn more.

Is your produce organic?

Our leafy greens and herbs are pesticide free. While we are not “certified organic,” we believe our products are superior to many “certified organic” products. We grow using hydroponic methods and don’t use soil, so being certified organic (which focuses on soil health) is tricky. But we grow using less land and less water than most farming methods. Being in our hydroponic greenhouse environment, we don’t have any weeds, which eliminates the need for herbicides. For pest management, we rely on beneficial insects, so our products are pesticide free. At Gotham Greens, we take a very holistic approach to growing our produce and introduce beneficial insects instead of using harmful chemical pesticides. Further, organic certification defines how food is produced in soil but does not necessarily address quality, safety, resource consumption or nutritional value – all issues that Gotham Greens addresses through our expert growers, high quality products, comprehensive food safety program, freshness and year-round local production.

I’m vegan. Can I eat Gotham Greens products?

Yes. We offer several vegan products, including Vegan Pesto, Vegan Lemon Basil Vinaigrette and Vegan Goddess Dressing. In addition, our leafy greens and herbs can be enjoyed by everyone. Please visit Our Greens page to learn more.

Are Gotham Greens products non-GMO?

Yes. Our leafy greens and herbs are non-GMO.

Are Gotham Greens products gluten free?

We do not use any gluten-based ingredients in our products.

What’s the best way to store Gotham Greens products?

Our lettuce, dressings and dips should be refrigerated for optimal freshness. We recommend storing basil on a counter away from direct sunlight (it typically lasts longer when stored at 50 degrees Fahrenheit).

How can I buy Gotham Greens products?

Please visit our Store Locator page to find a retailer near you. Please visit our Store Locator page to learn more.

Is Gotham Greens hiring?

Yes! Please visit our Careers page.

I’d like to contact the team.

Please visit our Contact Us page.

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