Summer of Chimichurri

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It’s no secret that Chimichurri is the grill’s best friend.

Here are four ways we’re enjoying this herby sauce all summer long.

A vegetable kabob, salmon, shrimp skewers — you name it, we’re marinating it with Chimichurri. For vegetables, mix a full container into a sealed bag, and let sit in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. For fish and meat, we recommend 1 hour rest time in the sauce. No matter the main dish, we can guarantee it will benefit from the zesty profile of Gotham Greens Chimichurri.

Veggie Pasta Salad
The perfect grilling side. Cool, fresh, crunchy and saucy. Mix marinated vegetables like peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes and squash with cooked and chilled penne pasta. Don’t forget shredded Gotham Greens Basil and mix with your favorite cheese (we love feta for this one). It’s like a bright, fragrant garden in a bowl.

Grilled Pizza topper
First of all, if you haven’t invested in a pizza stone yet, let that be your main takeaway from this article (other than that Chimichurri should become your new best friend). Top that perfectly bubbly pizza with a drizzle of Chimichurri for the burst of freshness and balance your pie needs

Meat topper
Why Chimichurri as a meat topper? You may notice a theme emerging, but it really is all about balance. For instance, the richness of a grilled steak benefits from the herbaceous-ness of the sauce, bringing a new level of flavor and complexity that other toppers simply can’t provide. Plus, what’s more convenient than a freshly pre-made sauce? 

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