Tune In: 4 Great Podcasts About Gotham Greens & Sustainable Agriculture

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Want to learn more about what we do here at Gotham Greens?

Tune into these podcasts featuring Gotham Greens Co-Founder & CEO Viraj Puri and Chief Greenhouse Officer Jenn Frymark. 

1. Fast Company World Changing Ideas 

The Episode: How Can We Farm Against Climate Change and Grow Crops Sustainably? (23 minutes) 

“You can really grow food anywhere, regardless of geography.” 

Listen to the episode here

2. Vertical Farming Podcast 

The Episode: Transforming Local Produce, One Rooftop Greenhouse at a Time with Gotham Greens’ Viraj Puri (47 minutes) 

“We continue to be a mission-driven organization that’s deeply rooted in this ethos of trying to make the world a better place and to use fewer resources to produce healthier food.” 

Listen to the episode here

3. The Urban Farm Podcast 

The Episode: Jenn Frymark on Growing Fresh and Closer to Home. (43 minutes) 

“Everyone should spend much more time outdoors in nature.” 

Listen to the episode here

4. HBR Idea Cast 

The Episode: Inside Companies that Get the Purpose-Profit Balance Right (31 Minutes) 

“I found it fascinating to look at Gotham Greens, which is an urban agro-farming company that has grown massively doing urban farming on rooftops and cities around the country.” 

Listen to the episode here

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