International Day of Women and Girls in Science

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Gotham Greens Jenn Frymark Women and Girls in ScieneToday we are celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

21st century global issues like our food systems and climate change can’t be solved without taking full advantage of our current and future #STEM leaders.

“We have a lot of people to feed.  STEM education is critical in bringing up the next generation of innovators to produce more using less.

And for the girls – some of the best scientists I know are women. Science needs you!!

Growing plants is such a rewarding career. It is half art and half science. It is part intuition and reading the plant and part data science and engineering.  Check out our open roles to come grow with us.”

– Jenn Frymark, Gotham Greens Chief Greenhouse Officer

Before Gotham Greens, Jenn designed and operated facilities around the world from Antartica to Anguilla. She has extensive experience in greenhouse system design, plant nutrition, crop and pest management, sensors and controls, and staff training. Jenn currently leads our talented and diverse team of growers while managing and designing our greenhouse systems and farming practices.

Learn more about the United Nations’ International Day of Women and Girls in Science here.

Join us!

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