How to Make a Knockout Vegan Veggie Platter

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We’ll just say it: every get-together should have a vegan veggie platter.

Don’t get us wrong: We love a good Buffalo wing or jalapeño popper. But having one designated spot where all your dairy-free, gluten-free, and meat-free friends can happily snack is just good hosting, plain and simple.  

Let’s break down the anatomy of a knockout veggie platter. 

One: The Dips. 

If you have one takeaway here, make it this: dairy-free dips are stars of the show. We promise your omnivore friends will be all over them too. Try Gotham Greens Vegan Goddess for something herbaceous and creamy, Vegan Pesto for something bright and tangy, and Vegan Ranch for something that feels nostalgic and game day-ready. 

Two: The Veg. 

Baby carrots and celery? That’s fine, but we think you can do better. Think outside the box here: go for purple potatoes, blanched broccoli rabe, salted cucumbers, radicchio leaves—even Romaine lettuce! Yes, really. Gotham Greens loosely packed Romaine is delicate yet crunchy and decidedly snack worthy. 

Three: The Platter. 

You really don’t have to get too fancy here—a simple white serving platter will make your colorful vegetables pop. Put your dips in small bowls of different sizes for a little visual variety (and don’t be shy on refills as the night goes on). Cluster your vegetables in artful piles for the inevitable Instagram moment before your guests dig in. 

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