Holiday Recipes from the Gotham Greens Team

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Ahh, the holidays. A hearty dose of family time, cooking, and decorating—but sometimes it’s nice to gather new recipe inspiration and switch up the menu.

We chatted with a few of our teammates to share their all-time favorite recipes for the holidays, each with a Gotham Greens twist. Warning: warm fuzzies ahead.


Apple Dumplings with Basil Ice Cream from Elle T.
“My favorite holiday dessert by far is a classic apple dumplings recipe but with an interesting twist… lemon-lime soda poured on top before baking. In the last few years, I’ve decided to add a touch of freshness by serving with basil ice cream & layering baby basil leaves on top. I follow this recipe, it’s fool proof!” 


Lemon Basil Burrata Garlic Toasts from Brian O. 
“This is my family’s favorite appetizer during the holidays! It’s simple, refreshing and delicious. Don’t forget to garnish with a handful of Gotham Greens basil leaves. 
Find the recipe here. 


Vegetable Vegan Lasagna from Faustina A. 
“We love making this dish after the holidays as an easy, filling (and healthy!) meal. Especially after Thanksgiving leftovers, it’s nice to mix it up. Be sure to add Gotham Greens Vegan Pesto to the sauce, and top with fresh Basil. It truly makes a difference.” Find the recipe here.


Easy Cheesy Pesto Crescent Rolls from Kelly G.
“My family devours these in one sitting. They take less than 15 minutes, and come out delicious every time.” Find the recipe here.



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