Ghia Basil Smash with lemon and Gotham Greens basil

Ghia Basil Smash

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Love a gin smash, but want to skip the hangover? We get it. Check out this spin on the classic drink with fresh, locally grown basil from yours truly.

Lucky for us, non-alcohol options are on the rise. We’ve seen a wave of impressive options come on the scene in the last couple of years, but we’d be amiss if we didn’t recommend Ghia, one of the first (and best!) of its kind. Like an Italian amaro, this apéritif-without-the-booze makes for the perfect base for your next cocktail. Pair with our fresh basil and you’ll have a new go-to summer sipper. In this recipe, we’ll use the muddling technique, so be sure to grab your muddler when gathering your supplies!

You’ll Need:
1 Package of Gotham Greens Basil
1 Bottle of Ghia
1 Lemon
Tonic water or club soda

Parts Per Drink:
4 Gotham Greens Basil Leaves
2 oz Ghia
½ Lemon, Fresh Squeezed
Top with Soda or Tonic Water

How to Make It: 

  1. Start with muddling the basil. Set aside 2 leaves for garnish and place the others in your cocktail shaker. Gently smash for about 20 seconds.  
  2. Add the Ghia, lemon juice and simple syrup to your cocktail shaker, and 2 handfuls of ice on top. Shake until cold. 
  3. Strain the drink into your ice filled glass. (Basil ice would be a perfect added touch!) 
  4. Top with bubbles of your choice; soda water or club soda recommended.  
  5. Garnish with fresh basil leaves and enjoy! 
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