Family Nature Activities from Frymark Forest School

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Frymark family nature activites

Field notes from Frymark Forest School: family nature activities and spending more time outside.

Our Chief Greenhouse Officer Jenn Frymark put together projects for her family to get outside and have fun with nature during shelter-at-home. We’re talking epic forts, clay figures and foraging for ingredients. We know it can be hard to fill quarantine days with activities, so we wanted to share some of Jenn’s assignments with you. 

We hope these spark some ideas for you to have fun with your environment!  

  1. Nature Forts: The Frymarks built this epic fort in the forest. Or inner children are screaming. All you need are sticks and patience.  
  2. Nature Art Projects: Challenge your friends and fam to sculpt using only what nature has to offer around themThe Frymark clan created some animal kingdom friends, and some fantastical faces.  
  3. Signs of Spring + Plant ID Walks: Walk around the block searching for signs of spring (new sprouts, buds on trees, new birds). Learn to ID evergreens and trees in your neighborhood you’ve never thought about before. 
  4. Painted Rocks: Paint some rocks, and leave them for fellow hikers to findMake a stranger’s day. 
  5. Weeding: “The kids already always want to earn money, so we make them pick weeds in the yard and give them $1 per 5 gallon bucket 😊” – Jenn (Fellow parents can probably attest to the genius of this.) 
  6. Kiddie Cocktails: “My husband has been making a lot of homemade elderberry syrup for immunity and makes the kids “kiddie cocktails” with the elderberry and club soda.  A sprig of basil in it would go well I bet!” -Jenn  
  7. Foraging for Greens: Foraging for wild herbs and greens. You’d be surprised at what you’ll find, especially during the spring. The Frymarks went foraging and found some beautiful wild ramps, which they pickled and turned into pesto. 

For gardening tips, children’s books and other tips, check out our Q+A with Jenn, here.


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