Colorado Just Got a Little Greener

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Our newest greenhouse, located in Windsor, Colo., is now open and increases our leafy greens growing capacity in the Rockies by five times!  

In 2020, we opened a greenhouse at the Stanley Marketplace in Aurora, Colo., and we’ve been proud to grow fresh, sustainable greens in the region ever since. Our new Colorado facility is nearly five times larger and packed with high-tech features to conserve more energy while growing more greens – a significant milestone in our goal to deliver fresh produce within a day’s drive from our greenhouses to 90% of consumers across the U.S. Our products are currently available in more than 6,500 locations nationwide, including more than 250 stores throughout Colorado, such as Whole Foods Market, King Soopers, Sprouts Farmers Market, Leever’s Locavore, Lucky’s Market, Ideal Market, Choice Market and Tony’s Market. And we’re not stopping there!   


When you think of Colorado and sustainability, the Colorado River immediately comes to mind. With up to 80% of its water currently used for agriculture, the Colorado River’s depleted reservoirs are at risk of falling to critically low levels. While the impacts of climate change in Colorado have led to persistent drought conditions, clean and safe water flowing across the state is vital to a healthy community and economy.

“Water is life in Colorado and throughout the Western United States. Unfortunately, without new technologies like Gotham Greens is deploying, Colorado won’t have enough water to sustain the next generation of agriculture jobs or the industry that is a crucial part of the state’s economy. Gotham Greens is an innovative leader in a new era of agriculture that is working to ensure a more sustainable future for Coloradans. With this second greenhouse in the Rocky Mountain Region, the company is making it possible for more Coloradans to eat healthy, fresh, locally grown food, while also conserving the precious resources we need to protect the home we love.”  -Colorado Governor Jared Polis

Planting Our Colorado Roots 

“As a native Coloradan, this new greenhouse represents a significant milestone in our company’s national expansion and for the agricultural future of the state. Natural resource conservation is essential to ensure that the Colorado I call home remains both beautiful and fertile for generations to come. Using proven indoor farming technology, we’re able to transform land that otherwise would be unusable for agricultural purposes into a high-tech, state-of-the-art greenhouse that produces approximately 30 times more leafy greens per acre of land than conventional open-field farming.” -Eric Haley, Co-Founder and CFO of Gotham Greens


We’re always dedicated to becoming a permanent fixture in the communities where we operate. We are proud to partner with local non-profits, such as Food Bank of the Rockies and the Weld Food Bank, to help address food insecurity. In 2022, we donated more than 44,000 pounds of food to families in need and provided more than 27,000 seedling donations for community gardens and educational purposes. 

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