Butterhead 5 Ways

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We try not to play favorites, but the versatility of our Butterhead lettuce is unmatched.

With one container of Butterhead, the options are endless. Let’s explore 5 easy ways to make a meal where these greens get to shine.

Burger Bun
Craving a juicy burger but want to skip the bun? Wrap up your favorite patty and pairings in 4-6 pieces of Butterhead with an added c Don’t hold back on the toppings—our greens are durable enough to hold it all together.

A Crunchy Salad
Let us state the obvious: these soft, buttery greens are the ideal base for your next salad. And in this case, simplicity doesn’t mean having to compromise on taste. On a bed of butterhead leaves, top with a crunchy element (roasted chickpeas, red cabbage, croutons, to name a few) and one of our dairy-free dressings. The result? Three-ingredient salads that aren’t boring.

Summer Rolls
Add some serious flavor to your weekly meal rotation with these healthy veggie-packed Vietnamese rolls. All you need is rice paper, rice vermicelli noodles, shredded carrots, basil and other herbs (mint and cilantro encouraged!). For protein, you can choose shrimp or pork, or forego meat with hard boiled eggs or tofu. We love a side dip, so don’t forget a quick homemade peanut sauce to dunk the rolls in.

Taco Shells
Who doesn’t love taco night? With this recipe, you can either ditch the hard-shell tortillas or layer the butterhead first for a supporting crunch. Combine your taco protein of choice with black beans and cheese for a fast and filling lunch.

Lettuce Wraps
We can’t think of a better way to honor your favorite ingredients than to wrap them up in our Butterhead lettuce. The beauty of lettuce wraps is that you can get as creative (or as simple!) as you want with the filling. For a more involved recipe, try crunchy tofu bites with homemade peanut sauce. For a fast lunch, toss in grilled chicken or roasted mushrooms, and top with our Green Goddess dressing.

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