5 Ways to Turn End-of-Summer Side Salads Into a Quick & Easy Lunch

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Let’s face it: It’s side salad season. And we’re not talking about the green kind. Corn salad, potato salad, pasta salad—there’s a lot in the rotation this time of year.  

Between all the outdoor get-togethers and the ample fresh produce you’re seeing at the farmers market right now, you’ve probably had your fair share at this point in the summer. Whether you’ve made them yourself or got roped into taking home leftovers from a potluck, you might even have more sides than mains in your fridge right now, which can make things tricky when all you really want is a real meal. 

But don’t fret—it’s incredibly easy to take those leftovers and turn them into something hearty enough for lunch or dinner. All you need are some greens, some dressings, maybe 5 minutes, and you’ll have yourself a wow-worthy, good-for-you meal in a flash. 

No recipe required—these simple steps are as easy as they come. 


1. Sweet & Savory Corn Salad 

Leftover corn salad + Butterhead lettuce + Gotham Greens Vegan Ranch dressing 


2. Spicy Italian Toast 

Leftover tomato salad + toasted bread + Gotham Greens Spicy Pesto 


3. Greener Pasta Salad 

Leftover pasta salad + Gotham Greens Arugula and Basil + lots of lemon juice 

4. Hearty Farro Salad 

Leftover farro salad + Gotham Greens Arugula and Pesto + fried egg 


5. Spud-ly Caesar Salad 

Leftover potato salad  + Gotham Greens Romaine and Vegan Caesar dressing + croutons


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