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4MyCiTy is a Maryland-based nonprofit that is changing the way we think about food systems, diverting waste from landfills, and helping the Baltimore community access more nutritious food.

As longstanding partners to 4MyCiTy, are strong advocates for the work they do. Check out our first interview with founder & CEO Chris Dipnarine here. Gotham Greens first teamed up with 4MyCiTy at the beginning of pandemic and has committed to donating pallets of fresh produce each week to help address the enormous need throughout our community. We continue to be in awe of Chris’s unrelenting dedication to the city of Baltimore, and are excited to share an update on his exapnding footprint and impact. 

In the few months since our last interview with Chris, 4MyCiTy has grown a lot – we’re excited to share Chris’ updates. Here’s what they’ve been up to:

Chris Dipnarine, Founder and CEO of 4MyCiTy: First of all, we’ve moved into our own 12,000 sq. ft. warehouse – the first facility in Maryland to have its own anaerobic digestor! The machine breaks down all food waste and biodegradable products into compost in a 24-hour cycle. We now also have our own 18 ft. refrigerated truck (our own warehouse space is refrigerated too). There are many benefits to having this type of refrigeration and support.

We’d love to say, thank you to Gotham Greens for always being a wonderful donor. To have this new warehouse space allows us to – of course – rescue more food! Gotham Greens continues to support us with wonderful product, and our communities love it.

We can fill this warehouse space with rescued food. We have pallets of food all around. We actually have a corner filled with school supplies that we are doing for the kids. And we also have our massive freezer space that we are starting to load up with food for our Thanksgiving giveaway.

With the kind support of companies like Gotham Greens – they donate food, share our profile and help us grow our initiative – this is where donations go. It helps us increase our capacity to help families in need. We were doing about 4-5 million pounds of food a month, and now we’re doing upwards of 7-8 million pounds.

Continue to share our profile and donate. Check us out at our website, Help us grow our initiative!

Walk through 4MyCiTy’s newest warehouse here, and follow along to see what Chris and his team of volunteers have been up to. 

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