At Gotham Greens, we grow delicious greens 365 days a year. Our national network of greenhouses use 95% less water and 97% less land than traditional farming methods. We grow our greens in the same time zone as you, so they can go from our farms to your fridge faster— and stay fresher longer. We’re proud to grow greens you can feel good about, and you can learn more about that here.

But we all know there’s more to a great salad than just lettuce and dressing—so now it’s your turn to be the grower. With these cucumber, pepper, and radish seed packets, you can grow your own fresh, crunchy salad toppers. When you pair our locally grown greens with your home-grown toppings, that’s when the magic happens.

Use this guide to plant your seed packets:



Feeling extra ambitious? Try planting your seeds indoors at anytime of year. You can find more resources for planting your seeds inside or outside here, here, and here.

When you’re ready to pair your veg with our greens, you can check out all of our varieties here and find them near you. Need some salad inspiration? We’ve got you covered on Pinterest.

And in the meantime, we’d love to see how your salads-to-be are coming along, so tag us in your progress pics @gothamgreens.