Sustainable Agriculture

There are many ways to farm responsibly and sustainably. Our approach is tailored to our unique geographic locations.

Our specially designed re-circulating hydroponic methods save land, save water, eliminate agricultural runoff and chemical pesticides, and offer the benefits of efficient, high-yield, local, year-round food production.

Our greenhouses are all powered by renewable energy and our proximity to the market reduces impacts from transportation. We continually strive to make improvements to make our operations even more sustainable.


Hydroponics is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions. Nutrients are delivered to the plant in irrigation water eliminating soil. Water is re-circulated and none is wasted. The sterile, soil-free growing environment eliminates the risk of pathogens that is particularly important in light of the increase in food borne illnesses, such as E coli and salmonella, from fresh vegetables. Hydroponics does not result in any soil erosion nor the loss of precious soil nutrients while allowing complete control over plant nutrition, for optimal flavor and quality.


Our 170,000 square feet of greenhouses produce yields equivalent to over 100 acres of conventional field farming. Gotham Greens’ methods yields 20-30 times more product per acre than field production while eliminating any use of arable land. Our approach has no negative impact on precious soil resources. We essentially use less space to grow more, while protecting soil resources and biodiversity. Gotham Greens never uses genetically modified seeds.


At Gotham Greens we understand that water is an invaluable resource. Agriculture is the largest consumer of fresh water on the planet. Recirculating hydroponics is the most water-efficient form of agriculture in the world. Gotham Greens’ advanced irrigation system uses 10 times less water than conventional agriculture while eliminating all agricultural runoff. Runoff is one of the leading causes of global water pollution.


We rely on natural sunlight for our operations, not artificial lighting. Our greenhouses are 100% powered by renewable electricity. In addition, our highly productive and efficient production techniques are capable of producing over 50% more crop than conventional greenhouses while using 25% less energy per pound of crop produced. In order to efficiently operate our greenhouses year-round, Gotham Greens has carefully designed its facilities to reduce energy demand. Sophisticated computer control system ensures that climate control equipment operates efficiently to reduce resource consumption. Our facilities incorporate several advanced thermal design features in its greenhouse design that substantially reduce heating demand and fossil fuel use. Our rooftop greenhouses act similarly to vegetated ‘green roofs’ by helping to mitigate the urban heat island effect while insulating the building below. Onsite renewable energy systems and rooftop integration further reduce our energy footprint.

Food Miles

Gotham Greens’ proximity to its customers eliminates the need for long-distance, refrigerated food transportation, while improving quality. We sharply reduce transportation fuel consumption and the associated carbon emissions and air pollution.

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