Our Produce

Our produce is not like your average bagged salad.
It’s the best you can get, grown locally and sustainably, year-round, with unmatched care and commitment to quality.

Gotham Greens grows all its produce in company owned and operated greenhouses. 100% Transparent + Traceable Farming. No outsourcing,
no contract farming and no co-packing. Always Pesticide-free. Always Fresh. Always Local. You’ll taste the difference.

Our products are harvested before breakfast so they can be on your plate by lunch.
We don’t just blindly talk about being “local” “sustainable” and “natural”. While our business is about those things, we care about what those things stand for: flavor and nutrition, preserving water and soil resources, biodiversity, reducing harmful chemical use in food production, fair treatment of workers, and spending our dollars closer to home.

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